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How to Use Essential Oils

Ways to Use Essential Oils
Once you learn the myriad ways you can include essential oils to make your life-style a healthier one, you will be amazed. The listings below are the most popular ways (this is a starter list). However, essential oils are truly multipurpose.

There is no other way to experience the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy than this. You get to inhale the aroma as well allowing your body to absorb what your body needs from the oils. The joy of aromatic bathing can only be recognized through the experience. Your essential oils will help you at the end of a long day when all you want to do is relax and relieve tension. All you do is fill the bath with warm water, add your oils, and create an ambiance suitable to you. A good dilution rate is 6-10 drops of essential oil in a warm tub (half that for children). Some oils may be irritating to the skin.

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Diffuse Essential Oils
Every home needs a tea light diffuser or nebulizer. We recommend both! Having this simple tool will help improve your physical and emotional well-being and more. Diffusing oils into your environment will give y
ou options such as the need to eliminate germs, as a mood enhancer to relax your senses or stimulate them, for a therapeutic purpose such as to calm an over-active child, or simply to enjoy the natural aromas rather than pesky synthetic ones. Diffusion also helps with respiratory issues. You choose the oils you need for your purpose. You might simply want to set a nice ambiance for an evening with your loved one. For tea light diffusers, 8-15 drops is good. A nebulizer usually needs around 8-10 drops.

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There are two specific uses for a compress. For facial care, it is a gentle and soothing way to soften the skin and promote cell regeneration. For therapeutic applications, a compress is used for strains, pain, swelling, nervous tension, or headaches. Soak a washcloth in 8 oz. of warm or cold water (depending on the need) to which 15-20 drops of essential oils have been added. Wring out the compress and apply to the affected area.

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Steam Inhalation
Steam inhalation is a time-tested remedy used to ease congestion in the respiratory passage caused by colds and coughs. It is also a great way to give yourself a facial by opening up your pores! Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head with a towel and carefully place your head over the bowl. Inhale for 3-5 minutes.

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Spray Mists
Just add water! For commercial terms, spray mists are a little more complicated than just adding water. For home use, spray mists are wonderful as air fresheners, germ busters, facial toners, or for use during the day as a pick-me-up. They are so easy to make yourself and are terrific! A good dilution rate is 20 drops of essential oil mix per 1oz. of distilled water in a spray bottle.

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Everyone loves are good foot soak. They are terrific in helping improve circulation and for easing mental and physical fatigue. Depending on the oils you use, a good foot soak can immediately calm your whole body or invigorate you. Simply fill a plastic bowl large enough to fit your feet in, add warm water and 8- 12 drops of essential oil mix per 1˝ gallons of water, and soak.

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